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Alyssa, Tyler, and Alec

Alec coming out of surgery for the bone marrow harvest.

This bag contains Alec's marrow.

Empty bag after transplant.

Alyssa at the hospital reading all your messages.

Tyler and Alec right before getting tested for bone marrow.

Alec and Alyssa playing Doctor.

Alyssa getting total body radiation.

Alyssa getting total body radiation.

Alyssa, Tyler, Alec... Easter 2001

Alyssa's 7th birthday.

Alec, Tyler, and Alyssa .... 10/2001

Alyssa getting monitored during the transplant.

Alyssa at the hospital.

Alyssa recieving Alec's marrow (that's the red line).

Alyssa sleeping during transplant.

Alyssa and Daddy in the hospital.

Tyler and Alyssa